What will your child learn?

Pre Nursery


Build a vocabulary of 20 words every month

Recognise small letters through thematic association

Use of sensorial materials to strengthen fine motor grip & control

Follow 1 or 2 step directions; express wants and needs

Use fingers and basic tools to trace alphabets

Early Numeracy

Identify, recite and count numbers

Explore measurement through creative play

Introduce pre-math concepts such as heavy/light, big/small, one/many

Sorting through colour, shape, size or purpose

Provide alternatives to enable decision-making

Social & Emotional Development

Gain an awareness of self

Encouraged to do things independently

Express emotions through gestures and facial expressions

Encourage parallel play

Learn social understanding through pretend play



Build an additional vocabulary of 30-40 new words per month

Construct simple sentences using 2-4 words and narrate familiar stories

Use fingers or sensorial tools to trace small letters and associate the phonic sound

Answers simple questions such as ‘who?’, ‘what?’, ‘when?’, ‘where?’, ‘how?’ etc.

Enhanced visual-motor coordination for emergent writing

Introduce a variety of painting tools to improve tripod grip

Early Numeracy

Identify and match numerals; grouping objects by numbers

Understand the spatial relationships of 3D objects

Understand one-to-one correspondence of objects to numbers

Understand stable order of numbers and number cardinality

Complex sorting by combining colours, shapes and patterns

Use prompts to encourage decision-making by offering choices

Social & Emotional Development

Identify strong preferences

Confidence to do tasks independently

Express feelings and needs through words and emotions

Recognise the feelings of others and communicate concern

Encourage cooperative play

Encourage empathy and understanding of social contexts

Lower KG

Term 1

Thematic learning on my family, fruits & vegetables, healthy food, my body, my school and farm

Introduction to letters, phonic sounds, small and capital letters, and identification and tracing of letters

Pre-math concepts such as big & small, less & more, heavy & light, one & many

Counting from 1-10 through hands-on and fun activities

Term 2

Explore new topics such as animals, birds, garden, plants, trees, flowers, living and non-living things

Reinforce the learning of phonic sounds, recognize and write small letters, match small with capital letters

Identification of objects through names and beginning sounds

Counting up to 25, tracing and writing numerals up to 25 and understand sequencing

Term 3

Learn about transport, music, community helpers, sky & space, seasons, public places and the environment

Introduction to word families such as ‘at’, ‘an’, ‘et’, ‘it’, ‘ug’, ‘ot’, etc

CVC words -- learn to identify, read and write

Count, trace and write numerals up to 50, sequencing, number games from 1-10

Upper KG

Term 1

Thematic learning on my home, my family, my body, my emotions, my healthy food, trees, plants, flowers

Learn about garden tools and insects, fruits and vegetables, living and non-living things

Rhyming words ‘wig’, ‘dig’, ‘pig’ etc and all vowel sounds

Spell and write 3-letter words, read aloud words

Count and write up to 50 number names

Sequencing, lesser & greater, before & after, ascending order, counting with colored rods

Term 2

Learn about animals, birds, garden, plants, trees, flowers, living & non-living things

Introduction to 4-letter words, consonant blends ‘pl’, ‘br’, ‘fl’, ‘dr’ etc

Introduction to Digraphs such as ‘oo’, ‘ee’, ‘ck’, ‘ng’, etc

Demonstrative adjectives such as ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘and’ along with read-aloud words

Count and write up to 100, count before, after and in between

Descending order, group counting, skip counting, lesser & greater

Term 3

Explore sky & space, seasons, birds, ocean, world and the environment

More Digraphs such as ‘sh’, ‘ch’, etc, short and long vowel sounds

Reading simple sentences; simple question and answers

Introduction to ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’ and read aloud words

Count up to 150, group counting, skip counting

Picture and number addition & subtraction

Learning Framework
Program Highlights

Activity based learning in play way method with fun

Exciting App based learning to reinforce use of technology for better delivery

Blended Learning with balanced mix of online-offline learning ratio

Fun Activity Club and Story telling sessions to keep your child involved

Innovative learning to explore creativity, imagination & full potential of your child

Holistic development of each child & Self-discovery through self engaging activities