No to Rote Based Learning

Rote Based Learning is killing young minds. Engaging, Interactive & Activity based learning motivate kids to take interest and to involve in learning. Our key focus is on Student fit learning model not curriculum fit students.

Creativity & Innovation

Not to give space for creativity, imagination & innovation to a kid is really cruel. NextGen eGurukul nurtures kids to explore their maximum potential.

Wisdom over Knowledge

How to get real wisdom by applying knowledge? “ Worldly wisdom and self enlightenment.” We strive to unlock the way towards right thinking process for young minds.

Who am I?

This is the first right of a human to know “Who am I”? If so called education doesn’t help kids to know the answer. Does it worth to call “Education”? Here at NextGen eGurukul, Our key focus is to set the path towards journey of self-discovery for each kid.


Spirituality connects us with our consciousness, infinite power and bliss. Spirituality is far ahead than any religion. Kids, the pure souls are already connected. It requires only an awakening and that much is the work of a teacher thus we try to do.